Blaster Suite Products Workflow
Below we will list all products, in the order that you need to use them. You can mix it up, but this is how we recommend to use the products.

1. Video Marketing Blaster PRO

Video Marketing Blaster PRO is the first software that you need to use. It will help you find untapped keywords and also, generate SEO optimized video details for the keywords. Later on, you will use the Video Details (title/description/tags) in Mass Video Blaster Pro and Live Event Blaster 2.

Main Features
  • Find untapped keywords that you can rank for
  • Generate SEO optimized titles/descriptions/tags that will help you rank
  • Analyze competitors, find their weak points and strong points
  • Track the rankings of your videos, see if your videos are ranking or not
Working with the other products
In the Video Details module, after you generate titles/descriptions/tags, you can export them to either Live Event Blaster 2 OR to Mass Video Blaster Pro by clicking on EXPORT button from the top.

2. Video Spin Blaster Pro

Video Spin Blaster Pro is the software that will help you create videos fast, with Text To Speech support. After you generate the title/description/tags using Video Marketing Blaster, the next step is to use VSB Pro to create a video.

Main Features
  • Create videos fast, with Text To Speech Support
  • Support for over 20 languages
  • Automatically grab images for your slides from google
  • Spin existing videos and make them unique, so you can reupload them on YouTube avoiding the duplicate filter.
Working with the other products

You can load images (and use them as slides) from your PC. You can even use images generated using Thumbnail Blaster! Generate multiple slides using Thumbnail Blaster, save them on your PC and then load them in VSB. Once you loaded all slides, generate the video! You can then upload this video manually on YouTube or use it in Live Event Blaster 2, Mass Video Blaster Pro or Pixo Blaster.

3. Pixo Blaster

This software will help improve your videos, by adding a custom intro/outro to your existing videos. In case you have videos in foreign languages (other then english), then you do not need to use Pixo Blaster.

Main Features
  • Add and intro/outro to your existing videos to make your video better and increase viewer engagement
  • Change background of the intro/outro video, add lower thirds, watermarks
  • When you add an intro/outro video to an existing video, the new rendered video will be 100% unique and you will be able to reupload it on YouTube avoiding the duplicate filter.
Working with the other products

You can take the videos generated using Video Spin Blaster Pro and load them in to Pixo Blaster, so you can add a custom intro/outro video. After you render the new video, you will be able to use that new video in Live Event Blaster 2, Mass Video Blaster Pro or event manually upload it on YouTube.

4. Live Event Blaster 2

Now that we found the niche using Video Marketing Blaster, generated the video details and exported them, we are all set. We also created our video (in case we want to stream it using Live Event Blaster) using Video Spin Blaster. LEB will help you create live events and rank them on Google.

Main Features
  • Publish live events on your YouTube channels.
  • Stream local video files to the live events, without ever needing to stay live in front of a camera
  • Rank live events, because EVENTS rank better than videos on the first page of Google
Working with the other products

You can load the video details generated using VMB and then, you can start publishing the events.

You can also add new events manually, and load video files that you created using Video Spin Blaster or Pixo Blaster.

If you own Thumbnail Blaster, you can save the Thumbnails on your PC. Then you load the Thumbnails directly in to Live Event Blaster, when adding a new live event.

5. Mass Video Blaster Pro

Mass Video Blaster Pro will help you upload videos on YouTube. It supports multiple accounts and channels. You can upload videos generated using Video Spin Blaster or Pixo Blaster and also, import Video Details generated using Video Marketing Blaster.
Main Features
  • Mass upload and download videos on multiple YouTube accounts and channels
  • Built in video spinner to make videos unique before uploading
  • Easy manage uploads on multiple accounts in the same place
  • Do various actions on uploaded videos like disable comments, disable rating, unlist videos, change thumbnails etc…
Working with the other products

You can use VMB to generate video details and export them in to Mass Video Blaster Pro. All videos generated using Video Spin Blaster Pro or Pixo Blaster (or your favorite video creator) can be added in MVB Pro and then uploaded.

You can set custom thumbnails (thumbnails generated using Thumbnail Blaster for example) to videos uploaded using Mass Video Blaster Pro.

6. Lingo Blaster

After you upload videos on YouTube, either manually or using Mass Video Blaster Pro, you can use Lingo Blaster to translate the video details (title/description) in to foreign languages. This will help your videos get more exposure by targeting foreign audiences.

Main Features
  • Translate video details in to over 100 foreign languages
  • Rankerize videos so you can rank your videos in foreign languages
  • One click publish translated video details on YouTube
Working with the other products

Lingo Blaster does not work directly with other Blaster Products. You simply need to load a YouTube account in Lingo Blaster, and it will translate video details of videos from that YouTube account.

7. Thumbnail Blaster

When you upload videos using MVB or publish events using LEB, you want to have CUSTOM THUMBNAILS. The user first sees a thumbnail, before seeing your video, and that’s why it’s very important to use custom thumbnails created using Thumbnail Blaster!
Main Features
  • 1 Click load YouTube videos and then change the thumbnail
  • 30 Templates in standard version, over 350 in CLUB version
  • Easy to use thumbnail editor with hundreds of features
  • Split testing module. Split test multiple thumbnails and find out what thumbnail converts best for your video.
Working with the other products

After generating a thumbnail using Thumbnail Blaster you can save that thumbnail on your PC as a JPG or PNG file.

You can then use that image file in Video Spin Blaster Pro as a slide. The image can also be loaded in Live Event Blaster (when adding a new event) so that it will be set as the image of the live event.