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Our Story

Everything started 12 years ago, when we had our first contact with Internet Marketing while working as freelancers.

As everyone else, we started with SEO, but we quickly discovered YouTube and we found our TRUE LOVE.

  • App Development 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60% 60%
  • Brand Strategy 50% 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%

Thanks to YouTube traffic we made our first $100 in one day and not long after that the first $1000/day from YouTube traffic alone.

Since then, we have released over 14 Software tools that we are using on daily basis to automate all the time consuming processes.

What makes us different from the other “marketers” is that we don’t make  a living from Product Launching or Affiliate promos.

Most of our income is based on our CPA campaigns and from private clients.

The Guys Behind The Company

Many of the people Vlad and Stoica have helped with Internet marketing have gone on to have incredible success in a very short amount of time after working with them.

Many of them are now full time Internet marketers working full-time with their new businesses.

Vlad and Stoica believe in continued learning and makes every attempt to stay on the cutting edge by studying the latest books, courses, and systems on the subject of marketing and video conversions.

Vlad and Stoica are knows as the go-to-guys when it comes to YouTube Marketing.

In the early years, Vlad and Stoica teach their students how to monetize YouTube traffic using CPA offers and they quickly became VIP members on the well known blackhatworld forum.

Quickly after that they realized that there is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY in the market. Helping small businesses with their marketing campaigns and they started to teach their students how to help local businesses and profit from the immense opportunity.

Stoica Bogdan

Stoica Bogdan

Marketing Expert

Stoica specializes in building, managing, and scaling businesses and finding profit and opportunities where others fail.
He has helped hundreds of small business with digital marketing and conversion optimization.

Vlad Cristian

Vlad Cristian

Genious Coder

Vlad is an genius coder and has been described as the “loophole finder” because of his YouTube expertise and for finding hundreds of methods to profit from the YouTube algorithms.